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Similarity Match Reference

No need to search for the source site of plagiarism anymore, because DrillBit even provides the matched reference content to users along with direct links.

Here you can find where and which statements exactly being copied from original source. This is much productive move for users by DrillBit.

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Instructor Feedback on every submission

On what you call to be the revision on the student submission, DrillBit comes with a Feedback add-on where guide/instructor can provide feedback to the paper regarding the amount/source of plagiarism.

Every comment by the guide is tracked with time frame for better understanding of student.

This can significantly improve student assignment works over time.

A new feature has been added to DrillBit plagiarism check.(Multiple Sources of Plagiarism)

A new and very useful update been made to DrillBit now. This definitely gonna be a great feature to all our existing Universities.
Multiple Sources of Plagiarism
will be displayed on viewing result file.
As a result, Plagiarism sourced on all matching sites will be mentioned.
Guides/Instructor can now make a
better judgement on student assignment.


University benefits offered by DrillBit for higher education against plagiarism

1. Dedicated University Repository. Immediate Repository plagiarism check service enabled. This avoids plagiarism in the progressive submissions. 2. Detect Erroneous Words (Method to bypass plagiarism, even when plagiarism happen) with atmost accuracy. 3. Meticulously detect Document Errors and report the reason to instructor immediately. 4. Faithful report on Image Plagiarism (Text manipulation) in the document. 5. Generate Customizable Reports to both students and Instructors. 6. Instructor Submissions Report for every assignment. So that tracking submissions become easy in the university. 7. Mail Forwarding Facility. Students/Scholars will receive automated plagiarism checked reports. Hence overhead to instructors is also reduced overall. 8. Get the plagiarism check results within few seconds. 9. Billions of WebPages Crawled and Indexed (Always gets updated). 10. Millions of Journals papers Indexed. 11. Instructor Comments to students/scholars reports. click here to know more

Report Publication Authority Survey on DrillBit Plagiarism

We are happy to share that one of the reputed authorities that monitor plagiarism related issues have made survey and also promoted us and our features that help universities to solve plagiarism related issues.

Here is the link to itReport Plagiarism Authority