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Few tips to avoid plagiarism? Improve writing.

  • Always cite the source you refer the content for.
  • Avoid replicating the content of the original author.
  • Improve the writing skills, try to analyse the content before you write and submit. 
  • Always avoid creating erroneous words.

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  1. DrillBit – Vision
    Our vision is to impart quality education by providing anti- plagiarism solutions, thus
    inculcating originality in the students’ projects/thesis.


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University benefits offered by DrillBit for higher education against plagiarism

1. Dedicated University Repository. Immediate Repository plagiarism check service enabled. This avoids plagiarism in the progressive submissions. 2. Detect Erroneous Words (Method to bypass plagiarism, even when plagiarism happen) with atmost accuracy. 3. Meticulously detect Document Errors and report the reason to instructor immediately. 4. Faithful report on Image Plagiarism (Text manipulation) in the document. 5. Generate Customizable Reports to both students and Instructors. 6. Instructor Submissions Report for every assignment. So that tracking submissions become easy in the university. 7. Mail Forwarding Facility. Students/Scholars will receive automated plagiarism checked reports. Hence overhead to instructors is also reduced overall. 8. Get the plagiarism check results within few seconds. 9. Billions of WebPages Crawled and Indexed (Always gets updated). 10. Millions of Journals papers Indexed. 11. Instructor Comments to students/scholars reports. click here to know more

Similarity Match Reference

No need to search for the source site of plagiarism anymore, because DrillBit even provides the matched reference content to users along with direct links.

Here you can find where and which statements exactly being copied from original source. This is much productive move for users by DrillBit.